Improving our city improves your quality of life.

Illustration of downtown Camden, SCThe City of Camden is proud to have a comprehensive vision plan for the future of our community. We want downtown Camden to be a destination rather than a byway, and by revitalizing the area with new restaurants, shops, and apartments, we’ll create a modern urban center that our residents can enjoy for years to come.

Our vision plan includes many different projects that all lead to the same goal: making Camden a great place to live, work, and play!

We began efforts to modernize our town with projects such as our new Town Green, an area where our residents can gather for festivals, events, or picnics. Future projects will focus on transforming downtown into a usable space by adding retail establishments and residential units. Our restoration of historic downtown will continue to accentuate the physical beauty and authentic history that make Camden so special.

About Our Vision Plan

Over the next several years, we’ll turn our vision into reality by implementing the following plans:

  • A Broad Street “Road Diet” makes downtown more pedestrian friendly and reduces truck traffic through downtown.
  • Streetscape improvements include façade restoration of existing storefronts and wider sidewalks.
  • Moving more retailers into spaces downtown creates a compact shopping and dining area.
  • Creating more mixed used buildings and live/work spaces for residents enhances the community feel of our city and enlivens the area with foot traffic.
  • A new trailway connects Camden’s many parks and existing trails to create a longer path for horseback riders, runners, and bikers.

Read Our Vision Plan

If you’re interested in the specifics of the plan, take a look at the proposals in PDF format below:

Section A – General

Section B – Existing Conditions

Section C – Recommendations

Section D – Plates

Section E – Presentations

               E.1 Vision Opening

               E.2 Economic Development

               E.3 Transportation

               E.4 Downtown Retail

               E.5 Parks & Open Space

               E.6 Vision Closing

Section F – Implementation