Dancer at Fine Arts Center in Kershaw CountyOur Community

Camden: simply sophisticated.

The community of Camden is one-of-a-kind. Our residents exhibit both the southern hospitality that you would expect and a cosmopolitan sophistication rare for a town our size. Camden is home to residents who are highly-educated and well-traveled, providing us with many diverse personalities and perspectives. We have a thriving arts scene and a wide variety of cultural activities: from theater to festivals to live music, there is something for everyone. Our Fine Arts Center partners with local schools to expose children to the arts, and offers many classes and special events for adults. We think you’ll find there is plenty here to keep you busy and satisfied, no matter what your interests.

Our community is colorful and convivial. We appreciate the delightful slow pace of a small town life while recognizing the need for the culture and variety that make big cities such stimulating places.

You’ll truly get the best of both worlds here in Camden, SC—the cultural opportunities available in a city, with the charm and convenience of a small town.

The city of Camden is committed to investing in our community. We have a school system that has won national awards, a top-notch hospital complex, and an elaborate parks system. We pride ourselves on our heightened awareness of public safety: we have a city-wide ban on both texting while driving and smoking indoors. We value our community and our residents, and we are constantly striving to create a comfortable quality of life for our citizens.

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