New Recycling Pilot Program

The city of Camden encourages its customers to join in environmental stewardship by participating in recycling whenever possible. Each year recyclable materials take up space in county landfills when they could be recycled. To showcase its continued commitment to recycling efforts, the city of Camden offered a pilot program with a limited number of 65-gallon recycling bins which are 3.5 times larger than the current recycling containers. This allows for more space for weekly recyclables. This program is officially closed; however, the City encourages those still interested to sign up for the waiting list. 

The city of Camden thanks you for recycling.

What to Recycle and How to Recycle it

• Aluminum Cans – Rinse and flatten. DO NOT bag.
• Cardboard (with no wax finish) – Flatten. Place in one pile beside the recycling container.
• Glass Jars and Bottles (clear, green and brown) – Rinse.
• Newspaper, Inserts and Magazines – DO NOT tie or bag.
• Office Paper – DO NOT tie or bag.
• Paperboard (e.g., cereal boxes, shoe boxes) – Flatten.
• Plastic Bottles, Jugs and Jars (e.g., milk jugs as well as soft drink, water and other plastic bottles and containers marked with a #1 - #7 only – usually on the bottom) – Rinse.
• Steel/Metal Food Cans – Rinse. DO NOT bag.
*Recyclables do not need to be separated. All materials can be combined together into the recycling container.

How to Sign Up for the Waiting List

To sign up for the waiting list, please bring the completed participation form (page #2) to City Hall or mail it to City of Camden, Attn: Stephanie Bowers, 1000 Lyttleton Street, Camden, SC 29020.  Since there are a limited number of containers, distribution is on a first come, first serve basis.  

Click here for the participation form.