Small Class Sizes

The Kershaw County Board of School Trustees has established standards for class sizes, paying special attention to small student-teacher ratios at the lower levels. Currently, we average 1:22 in kindergarten, 1:20 in 1st-2nd grades, 1:25 in 3rd-8th grades and 1:24.5 in 9th-12th grades.

Safe Schools / Healthy Students

The school district recently received a four-year, $5.7 million Safe Schools/Healthy Students federal grant to support efforts to promote student safety and well-being. This initiative helps to provide such benefits as academic and truancy intervention services, a K-12 anti-drug curriculum, additional school resource officers, and after-school programs.

Focus on Academic Achievement

 Student learning is at the center of everything in our schools. Many of our schools regularly earn recognition for having test scores in the top ten school districts in the state. The district's SAT average is 10 points above the state average. Our graduating seniors earn over $6.6 million in college scholarships each year.

Strong Leadership

The Kershaw County Board of School Trustees provides solid leadership in preparing our students to be productive citizens in a global society. Our district has 12 instructional goals based on state requirements and the federal No Child Left Behind Act. A strategic plan guides district decision-making.

Technology as a Valuable Resource

The school district offers a full range of academic programs and extracurricular activities. All 20 schools are wireless and connected by a high-speed wide area network. Students and staff have full-time internet access in classrooms, libraries and computer labs, including distance learning opportunities. Kershaw County is the first and only school district in South Carolina providing individual wireless laptops to all high school students and teachers through an $8 million i-CAN initiative.

Facilities Equalization

The Board of Trustees has made a commitment to equalizing school buildings across the district so that regardless of where children live in Kershaw County, they have equal opportunities and facilities. A recent $102.2 million school construction program helped to equalize facilities across the district. The eight projects in this first phase included two new middle schools, new wellness facilities at all three high schools, a new elementary school and two elementary renovation projects.

To learn more about the Kershaw County School District, visit the District web site.