The parks department maintains many city parks, much of Historic Camden, and cuts approximately 1,000 acres of grass. It is also responsible for line painting, striping and making of street and roadway signs. 

Archives Park 

This park is bordered by the Archives and Museum building, Laurens Street, Grace Episcopal Church and Laurens Court. It has benches and trash receptacles.

Armory Park (also known as Goodale Park)

The park is located adjacent to the old armory at the corner of West DeKalb and Goodale Avenue. This park has benches and trash receptacles.

Boykin Park (West Hampton Street & Campbell Street)

This park has a basketball court, picnic tables, trash receptacles, benches and playground equipment. 

Burndale Park (Fairlawn Drive & Brookgreen Court)

This park has playground equipment, benches and trash receptacles.

City Arena Park (Bull Street across from City Arena)

This park also has playground equipment and is used for basketball practice and neighborhood play. 

City Hall Park (Between City Hall & Fair Street)

This park has electrical hookups and asphalt parking lot for grills. It also has playground equipment, picnic tables and trash receptacles

Edgewood Park (Savage Street & Beard Street)

This park has swing set, slide and benches.

Groom Park

Located off of Battleship Road and along Five Bridges Road, the park has picnic tables, trash receptacles and benches.  

Hampton Park (Lyttleton Street & Dekalb Street)

It has playground equipment, tables, benches, trash receptacles and electric hook-up. The park is lighted by decorative lights and also has a fully restored fountain.

Kendall Lake Park

Located off of Lakeshore Drive, there are security light poles, boat ramp, club house, and other amenities present.

Kendall Park (Haile Street & Park Circle)

It has benches, trash receptacles, exercise station, and a 1/2 mile walking trail. The lake has a boat ramp and swimming is permitted.

Kirkwood Commons (Kirkwood Lane & Kirkwood Street)

This historic park features dozens of large, old trees, a marsh area and a quaint pond.

Kirkwood Park (192 Stower Street - Kirkwood Community)

It has playground equipment, a concession building, bleachers, a baseball field, benches, trash receptacles and a basketball court.

Monument Square Park (Intersection of Laurens Street & Broad Street)

This park consists of four quadrants with soldier monuments set off in two quadrants and the Camden Archives in the southeast quadrant. The area haselectical hookup, trash recepticals and is lighted by decorative lights.

Rectory Square (Chesnut Street & Lyttleton Street)

It has playground equipment, benches, trash receptacles and gazebo with a fully restored fountain. The park contains two fully restored all-weather tennis courts. It is lighted by decorative streetlights and has electric hook-ups.

Scott Park (242 Battleship Road)

This 38 acre park is one of the most heavily used facilities countywide. It contains a one mile walking / jogging track, picnic tables, four tennis courts, two t-ball fields, volleyball court,and playground equipment. It has a covered picnic area and serviceable bathrooms.

Town Green

The park is located downtown behind commercial stores. Vehicle access to the Green is off Rutledge and Market Streets and pedestrian access is off of Broad Street.  Amenities include decorative lighting with electrical hook-up and trash receptacles.